Check In. To your family story.

Let’s face it. It’s time to take back the moment. Nothing memorable happens while looking at phones together. Flipping between apps. Mindlessly scrolling. Pretending to be busy. Being elsewhere. Online content. More online content. We all know it.

Share your real world experiences in real-time. Does your family know your stories? Now that’s content. Leave some room for the unexpected. Opportunities to experience life together are quickly passing by.

It's your squad. Get more connected.

Open Circle app. Place your phone on the table. It’s ok, leave it there. You don’t need to film it. The picture can wait. You don’t need to post it. Who knows what might happen instead. Make it fun to connect as a family and see how you score. Reward your kids as they score points. Make it a family dinner game.

Download Circle by OEX on the Apple App Store and get started today.

Find out what you've been missing.

Circle up!