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What is Campfire?

Campfire is an engagement platform to help grow your culture.


The easiest way to connect and align your widespread organisation, through feedback, shared real-time results, and relevant news items. Campfire is purpose-built to help individuals, teams, and departments to connect with the broader organisation.


Even before the rapid changes of Covid-19, work and personal lives have become more blended than ever, meaning all aspects of wellbeing impact workplace culture. Campfire helps your people feel more valued, productive, and acknowledged.


More than just asking questions and surveys, Campfire has been developed to encourage engagement at every level for every member. Through the use of gamification techniques, personal insights, and relevant news.

Ending the day around the campfire, where songs, stories and relationships blossomed, ultimately shaped cultures and perhaps even helped develop some of our ability to understand one another


Professor Polly W Wiessner

Embers of Society


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