Supporting your culture in a remote working world

Culture is difficult. It's always growing, shifting, and now Covid-19 has changed everything - we live and work remotely.

That's why we created Campfire, a platform for people to connect and feedback safely.



A platform that actually understands culture

A source of truth

Stay on the same page and make decisions more quickly by getting the true insights and opinions of your people.

Simple polling

Easy to post, even easier to answer within a split second of logging on.


Realtime results

Get instant results as soon as a poll is completed or a question answered. 



All responses are anonymous, the only person who knows how you voted, is you.


Educate with knowledge

Ability to check group results and see how all the polls ended. Complete the feedback loop.


Public or private

For some of the more private questions, there is the ability to set the visibility of the results.


A shared connection

As your people are becoming more remote, one primary goal of the organisation is keeping everyone connected. Campfire is purpose built to grow connections across groups and locations.


Daily quizzes

Everyday there's a new quiz to play. Compete with friends and peers alike, and see how you rank.


A group directory

Simply see who else is connected through a group directory that makes collaborating  easy.


User profiles

Help people get to know each other, drive engagement, and improve morale. Profiles include Social handles.


Industry news & updates

A platform to share relevant information and news within a certain topic or industry.


Personalised groups

Choose the groups you want to be part of, get the info that matters to you.

Align and inspire

Everyone wastes a lot of time looking for information. The Campfire platform not only works in conjunction with all other solutions, but helps employees get to the information they need.

A home for the miscellaneous...

A home for content that is too informal for email, too important for micro-chats.

...and inspirational content

Campfire is also the perfect place to keep content to help onboard and train colleagues/peers.

Elegantly simple

We tried and tested Campfire, to keep it as honest and simple as possible, end of.


Get updated when it works for you.

“Ending the day around the campfire, where songs, stories and relationships blossomed, ultimately shaped cultures and perhaps even helped develop some of our ability to understand one another, cooperate and internalise culture”

Embers Of Society

Professor P.W.Wiessner

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