One platform for your people to share experiences.

We packed all of our operations, data, and wellbeing experience into one engagement platform - to make it as easy as possible for you to grow your culture in a hybrid working world.

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Key features
  • Use quick and simple polls to get true organisational feedback.

  • Engage your people more, through entertainment.

  • Help individuals, teams, and departments to connect with the broader organisation. 

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Real feedback to make better decisions.



Easy-to-use polling, cut through the noise by asking the questions you want.

Real feedback

People within your group interact safely and anonymously (within the app), enabling true feedback and a diversity of opinions.

Real time results

Drive greater learning and engagement from all members, but with the option of making results public or private. As well as overall admin analytics.

Play and engage.


Daily quizzes

Daily quizzes and challenges to entertain your people, but with long term benefits to help understand strengths and opportunities.


The ability for those who want to, to compete against others. Either as daily or weekly challenges.


Push notifications to boost platform engagement. Drive persistent participation among people, even when they are not actively contributing.

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Connect people.


News feed

Bite-size content from leaders and experts - articles and videos on industry news and wellbeing. Encourging your people to take baby steps towards meaningful change.

An organisational hub

A home for relevant organisational content - create a cultural community hub to share and distribute important HR benefits, onboarding, training, etc.


A directory of everyone within your group, so you can see who's who. With headshots and social handles, it allows you to get to know your colleagues.


Start growing your culture