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The Campfire culture.

We know that organisations succeed when they have healthy cultures, and healthy cultures are made by people. We want to inspire great change in all people across the world, so they have a great culture and ultimately better lives.


To get there, we practice what we preach, we strive for a healthy culture through our core principle of people first.

We believe the following four Behaviours is what makes Campfire different:

  1. Be responsible

  2. Have healthy disagreement

  3. Loosely aligned, personally connected

  4. A growth hacking approach

Values vs. Behaviours

From our experience, too many organisations fail to live up to their Values. This leads to the "Value Gap”, the difference between what leadership teams say, and what employees experience.

Incredibly, a recent study by MIT Sloan reveals that there is no correlation between the cultural values a company emphasises in its published statements and how well the company lives up to those values in the eyes of employees. But why is this happening, where does the gap come from? 

Branding - Values are set as a branding exercise but all end up being the generic same - ‘integrity’, ‘collaboration’, innovation, etc. Essentially, slogans are used rather than deep-rooted change and cultural systems.

Degrees of separation - Even without initiating changes, leaders see their organisation as more welcoming and inclusive with each step up in seniority.


Leadership style - Every leader and/or team lead by example. So no matter how many nice words or descriptions are used, if leadership don’t follow suit, there’s no chance of anyone else listening.

Winning at all costs - companies encourage mid-level workers to achieve impossible targets and shortened timelines. They actively ignore their basic morals, and values, in order to attain those goals. 

It's for these reasons that we have the four core behaviours (not endless Values), and the reason they work is that;

  • Rather than being aspirations, our behaviours follow the founders own virtues, our own moral code, the way we all actually work together in a shared culture.

  • We actively encourage and reward (or let go) people based on these specific behaviours. We have found, the more closely people work with them, the more likely they are to thrive with us.


It’s easy to write an ambitious and great-sounding bunch of statements, but hard to follow. What we mean by each of our Behaviours:



‘Be responsible’ can come in many forms, be responsible for your actions, for being curious, for your workload, for getting involved. Ultimately be responsible for being a good person - we do this because we believe it treats you like a professional person and gives you a sense of ownership. 

Our aim is to inspire people to get things done, rather than manage them. That’s because responsible people are self-disciplined, they take action, and they earn trust and freedom. And we all benefit when we’re personally driven to do great work.

Have healthy disagreement.


Disagreements are an inevitable, normal, and healthy part of relating to other people. There is no such thing as a conflict-free work environment, there will always be a diversity of ideas and opinions. You might dream of working in a peaceful utopia, but it wouldn’t be good for your company, your work, or you.


Disagreements, when handled properly, have lots of positive outcomes. That is why we encourage a culture of healthy disagreement. For example, If you disagree on an issue, it is your responsibility to explain why you disagree. This is done by outlining in writing your view, it’s then the back and forth of discussion to clarify the different views. Concise writing of the core issues helps people reflect on what is the wise course, as well as making it easy to share your views.

Loosely aligned, personally connected.


As companies grow, it’s easy to lose the culture that made it a success - the behaviours and patterns for a company of 6 people is considerably different to a company of 600. With ‘loosely aligned, personally connected’ we address the tension and shared experiences between the immediate circle of colleagues, compared to the wider organisation. In this context, we believe; “Loosely aligned”, refers to your relationship with the larger organisation. Your membership of the company doesn’t mean you agree with everyone on everything but have an alignment of objectives, strategies, and behaviours. “Personally connected”, refers to the relationship of your immediate peers - the (5-20) people you work and connect with daily.

The success of a “loosely aligned, personally connected” work environment is dependent upon each individual to understand their working group. Ultimately, the end goal is a company where everyone is pulling in the right direction, but with the flexibility and agility of a smaller nimble unit.

A growth hacking approach.


Regardless of shape or size, we believe it is important for all our people to consider themselves, and their approach, as growth hacking.


It’s probably one of the biggest buzzwords of the last 5 years, we’ve come to define it as;

"Growth hacking is strategies focused solely on growth. Usually used by early-stage startups, it’s based upon a data-driven, experiment-based process to acquire as many people/customers as possible while spending as little as possible."


Growth hacking benefits us by delivering better, scalable, and more viral products that our customers love.

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