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Getting started
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  • What is Campfire?

  • A quick start guide to Campfire

  • Understand your actions in Campfire

  • The Campfire experience for desktop

  • The Campfire experience for mobile

  • Campfire glossary

Create or join a group
  • Create a Campfire group

  • Join a Campfire group

  • New group approval

Onboard to Campfire
  • Getting started for workspace creators

  • Getting started for new members

  • Getting started for guests

  • Onboard your company to Campfire

  • Email template for introducing Campfire

Roles & permissions
  • Roles in Campfire

  • Permissions in a Campfire workspace

Campfire for desktop & mobile
  • Download Campfire for Mac

  • Download Campfire for Windows

  • Download Campfire for Linux (beta)

  • Download Campfire for Android

  • Download Campfire for iOS