Campfire and sustainability.​

As a company with a primary focus on improving the wellbeing of people, we are mindful of our responsibility for the wellbeing of the planet too.

Green Buildings

Through our commitment to environmental improvement, we work together to manage and actively reduce our carbon footprint, embrace new opportunities for conservation, and ingrain sustainability practices into our business strategy and everything we do. 


Our Sustainability Policy involves:

  • Understanding the environmental impacts of our activities and operations and taking proactive steps to protect the environment and minimise our impact

  • Promoting the responsible use of travel to manage and minimise our carbon footprint through the utilisation of virtual meeting tools and technologies  

  • Obeying all applicable environmental regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions where we have a presence

  • Advancing and promoting the responsible and efficient consumption of energy and water through conservation programs both in and outside of the workplace

  • Implementing waste management and minimisation strategies and programs to reduce, re-use and recycle the waste we generate

  • Increasing employees’ environmental awareness through stewardship and conservation programs

  • Engaging with our key stakeholders to help ensure that broader perspectives on environmental priorities and shared resources are identified and considered in our business activities

  • Developing and adopting a sustainable procurement program and supporting standards to apply across our supply chain

  • Measuring and reporting our environmental performance

  • Driving continuous improvement in our environmental performance by identifying key performance indicators and tracking our progress against objectives and targets

All Campfire employees are expected to support the commitments outlined in this policy. This Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate the relevance, monitor compliance, and measure progress.