We put people first

Campfire is the only culture engagement platform to be truly people first. Instead of top-down questioning from organisation leaders (typically with low engagement rates), Campfire is solely built on the needs of the end-user. If it doesn't resonate and add value to everyone, then we simply don't include it. There's many terms for our approach, user-centred, customer-centric, or even bottom-up, we call it 'people first'.

And the reason we do this, it drives the greatest engagement.

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The key to Campfire is the ability for anyone at any level to join and start using. Unlike other engagement platforms that require an organisation subscription (and locked behind a walled garden), Campfire is free for anyone to create an account and be up and running immediately.


To get people coming back time-and-again, Campfire has been built to be as entertaining as possible. This means each person gets, personal results and real-time feedback, the ability to journal own wellbeing, connections to similar users, and/or organisations, as well as various quizzes and challenges.


With greater engagement and practical use of Human & Machine Learning, you and your people get to listen and understand what is actually happening, so as individuals or a team you can make better decisions and drive meaningful change within your organisation.

Start growing your culture